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The Al James Band

"For the past year, the Al James Band has been
electrifying audiences at clubs all over Santa Cruz."

Fronted by vocalist, songwriter and guitarist

Al James
(Third Degree LeBurn, Spellbinders),
the group produces a heady mix of soul, rock, world beat and the occasional reggae-inspired number.
The real emphasis, though, is on the band's original material;
songs that range from hard-edge dance grooves to melodic ballads,
sung in the style reminiscent of Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye.

Lead guitarist
Bill Walker
(Worlds Collide, Santa Cruz Steel, Make It So)
provides brilliant counterpoint as he flows effortlessly between ripping Hendrix-style solos to more softly sentimental tunes and everything in between.

Daniel Lewis
(Pipa Pinon, Jive Hounds, World Entertainment War),
recognized as one of the finest bass players in the Bay Area, ties it all together with his funky rhythmical jelly,

along with pocket drummer
Brian Loftus
(Olatunji, Rodger Eddy, Sista Monica & the Essentials).
Those who know the Santa Cruz music scene will recognize these players as some of the finest around.

"It's time now for Monterey to experience
The Al James Band!"